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What time of day should I water my lawn?

Typically, any time after midnight is acceptable.

How many days a week should I run my system?

Three days a week is usually sufficient. You may need to add or delete a day, however, depending on weather.

How long should I run each zone?

A base set of guideline times are 10 minutes for each spray zone and 30 minutes for each rotor zone. You should watch your lawn for runoff or brown spots, however, because grades and soil types vary per lawn.

What is a backflow preventer and when should it be tested?

The backflow preventer is the device that protects against the backflow or back siphonage of water from your sprinkler system back into your household water lines. The device needs to be tested once a year upon turn-on of your irrigation system.

When and how should my sprinkler system be winterized?

Typically speaking, all systems should be winterized starting October 1st and no later than December 1st (depending on the severity of weather). The piping that is below the ground is not nearly as susceptible to freeze damage as the backflow preventer because it must be installed above the ground. The sprinkler system is winterized by the use of compressed air, which physically purges the water from your underground piping through your sprinkler heads, there is no use of chemicals or antifreeze, only compressed air.



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